Singing the Advent of Christ, The Lutheran Inquisitor

Saviour of the nations, come Second instalment in this series of interviews about Advent hymns with Dr Cynthia Lumley, Principal of Westfield House.

Interconnectedness, Cross Encounters

We appreciate being in the same room with people and also, particularly since the pandemic arrived, being online. Yet what hasn't changed is the deep connectedness one feels when someone really listens. Listening – proper listening – is a most gracious act.

Because we belong, The Lutheran Hour

The world says, in order to belong, we must be useful. However, that’s not how God sees us.

Lutheran Radio News

• Hanukkah sling stone that was used against Jewish rebels more than 2,000 years ago bears the name of a Greek king who executed a leader of the Maccabees and High Priest of Judea • EU withdraws ‘inclusive language’ guide that lacked Christmas spirit • 5,000-strong lynch mob torch police stations in Pakistan and demand cops hand over blasphemy suspect so they can 'burn him alive like he burnt the Holy Koran' • Notre Dame is being turned into a theme park: Cathedral is being revamped with a 'discovery trail' and 'Christianity for dummies' exhibits, claim critics • Man charged with GBH on collection of 300-year-old mummies in Norwegian church

Series C, 2nd Sunday in Advent, Worth Doing Badly

A voice crying in the wilderness. John the Baptist is an isolated voice living in desert deprivation, declaring that the fullness of life begins with repentance.

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