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• Archbishop hails Prince Philip's 'extraordinary life of service' as religious leaders pay tribute • Two Christian women face the death penalty in Pakistan for removing a sticker carrying a verse from the Koran from a Muslim colleague's locker they were asked to clean • Pay freeze for Church of England clergy as leaders feel the squeeze following pandemic shutdown • Church leader says fall in young worshippers is catastrophic

Series B, 3rd Sunday of Easter, Worth Doing Badly

Jesus himself stood among them, and said, “Peace to you!” The fact of the Resurrection meant, from now on, that emerging Peace was the real world; fear and despair were temporary conditions moving toward the irrelevance of non-existence.

So much faith around, Cross Encounters

You better believe it! Just getting up in the morning requires it – as does believing in God – as does claiming that God doesn't exist – as does driving a car, going to the doctor, and getting married. What do you believe and why?

What it means to be a family, The Lutheran Hour

The family is where we learn to share, love, and care for each other. It’s also where we learn to forgive and be forgiven. The same goes for God’s family, the Church.

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