Series A, The Purification of Mary and The Presentation of Our Lord, Worth Doing Badly

Simeon’s epiphany was his recognition that Jesus was the Consolation of Israel. Consolation is necessary because the world is broken and sad. Understanding consolation means that we see how it is different from empathy. Empathy responds to sadness with emotional support that little to fix the world’s brokenness. Consolation worthy of the name means fixing the world’s brokenness forever.

No longer married but still engaged, The Lutheran Inquisitor

This topic discusses issues in the relationship between Church and State in the modern Western world, so evident in the declining faithful community (with report from both the USA and UK). By assessing trends in human thought and secular influences, it explains theories which expose reasons why society today disregards the reality and truth of God. Two part interview with Dr. Joel Biermann, Waldemar A. and June Schuette Professor of Systematic Theology at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO

The Hope of the Church and of the World, Cross Encounters

For both the Church and the World the only true hope is to stand under the cross of Jesus.

Call It a comeback, The Lutheran Hour

To rise, to fall, and rise again—everyone loves a good comeback story—but why? Maybe it’s because we are in one. Dr. Michael Zeigler says that’s the claim the Bible makes.

Lutheran Radio News

• Brexiteers’ calls for church bells to celebrate Britain’s exit from EU cause big ding-dong • United Methodist leaders explain plan to split denomination • Doctors are replacing the roles that used to be done by priests and barmaids, says the NHS's head of social prescribing • Vicar 'who pocketed £60,000 from 475 weddings that should have gone to Church' is defrocked • San Mateo pastor threatens to shoot up church he used to attend, police say

The Trinity in the Old & New Testaments - Part 4, Redeemer Theological Academy

The Revealed Mystery of the Trinity in the Old and New Testaments

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