Unadulterated fact, The Lutheran Hour, 30. Apr 2017

The Apostle Peter spoke to a crowd of people that had seen Jesus of Nazareth perform wondrous works. They knew He died on a Roman cross at Jerusalem and three days later, His grave was empty. They had the facts; they just didn’t know what it all meant. How about you?

Isaiah Chapter 52 - Part 4, Redeemer Theological Academy, 28. Apr 2017

Part 4 of the discussion on chapter 52.

What He has done, Faith That Functions, 26. Apr 2017

Revealing to us nothing short of the Lord's ultimate grace and infinite mercy, St. Peter outlines for us the path Jesus took to obtain our salvation; everything necessary in order to attain God's eternal stamp of approval.

2 Timothy 2, Love Letters, 25. Apr 2017

Like a father speaks tenderly to his son, so Paul speaks tenderly to Timothy guiding and encouraging him in the pastoral ministry. Paul wishes that Timothy be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

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