Isaiah Chapter 56 - Part 4 and 57 - Part 1, Redeemer Theological Academy, 18. Aug 2017

In this lecture we complete chapter 56 and begin chapter 57

For All People, Faith That Functions, 16. Aug 2017

The Good News is for everyone. The only reason this good news can be given for you is because it is given to everyone. It doesn't mean it is any less personal, it means this good news is completely necessary. Like the air we breathe, this good news is open to everyone. Just so, to reject the Gospel would be as silly as rejecting the air we breathe which, sadly, is possible.

1 John: 2:7-27, Love Letters, 15. Aug 2017

John speaks about a new commandment of love. Not new in the sense of time but in quality that replaces what has eroded. The Biblical commandment to love is old. But its newness is seen in Christ’s true exposition of the Old Testament law and then in the dramatic display of divine love on Jesus’ cross.

The image of God within the embryo, The Lutheran Inquisitor, 14. Aug 2017

Creation and procreation, the image of God and the origin of personhood. Interview with Dr. Calum MacKellar, Director of the Scottish Council on Human Bioethics and author of “The image of God, personhood and the Embryo”. Part 1 of 2.

Does it matter what God we pray to?, Cross Encounters, 13. Aug 2017

Only Jesus forgives sins. Only Jesus is the resurrection and the life.

Looking for a good speaker, The Lutheran Hour, 13. Aug 2017

This week on The Lutheran Hour, it’s “Archives August.” Dr. Dale Meyer reflects on the Lord’s Prayer and what it means that we can call upon God as “our Father.”

My brother has faith and believes but I do not feel that God has called or wants me?, Straight Answers To Awkward Questions, 12. Aug 2017

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