Our new identity through the Sacrifice of Christ, The Lutheran Inquisitor, 26. Jun 2017

Dr Robert Kolb identifies how our sinfulness is put to death through Christ’s death and renewal. He expands upon the German understanding of Justification as a theme of righteousness, also thoughts from the theologian Gustaf Aulen, and finally recommends books for further reflection on this subject of Law and Gospel. Episode 3 of 3 in this series on Luther’s distinction between Law and Gospel.

What God says, The Lutheran Hour, 25. Jun 2017

The air is hazy and smells of smoke. The night sky glows red. Pastor Ken Klaus says a devouring wildfire is much like the destructive ideas that have spread across our culture. He tells how God’s Word provides a spiritual “fireguard” for our faith.

Lutheran Radio News, 23. Jun 2017

• Minister who oversaw the integration of Lutheran churches in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama dies at the age of 92 • Confirmed atheist says religious education is crucial in British schools for children to understand their history and culture • Colorado Pastor's body found in desert after he went on a search for buried treasure • Pastor eaten by 3 crocodiles after trying to walk on water • Rise in patriotism and Christian pride accounts for rise in the number Anglican churchgoers

Isaiah Chapter 54 - Part-3, Redeemer Theological Academy, 23. Jun 2017

In this lecture we continue our discussion on chapter 54.

Trust that grants comfort and peace, Songs Of Hope, 22. Jun 2017

As mountains cannot be moved neither can God be moved by any evil doer. He abides with His people surrounding them with His love, mercy and grace. Reflection on Psalm 125.

Nothing to Fear, Faith That Functions, 21. Jun 2017

Do you worry about your life? Does everything around you just frighten you? Are you anxious about your work, your family, your health, the judgement of others, what God thinks of you? Through the gift of faith, God shows us that we have nothing to fear. In all humility we know that God is sincere about bestowing His mercy upon all His children.

1 Peter 2, Love Letters, 20. Jun 2017

The Word of God found in Holy Scriptures is spiritual nourishment that makes us grow in faith, love, and hope. In the same way a person needs to take in a daily amount of food, so also Christians need to take in daily the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In doing so, we will taste that the Lord is good.

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