Series A, 11th Sunday after Pentecost, Worth Doing Badly

Why would God create dogs, with a miraculous capacity for domestication—if He did not intend to take fill their appetites? Once again food becomes the context of faith, suggesting that faith’s desire for fulfilment is akin to hunger’s desire to be satisfied by food.

Trust, Cross Encounters

Reflections on trust in a time of pandemic. Whom do you trust? Why? This is worth hearing! Trust me!

Over the darkness, God hovers, The Lutheran Hour

If God has the whole world in His hands, why does it sometimes seem like He drops it?

Lutheran Radio News

• Face coverings mandatory in church from 8 August, Prime Minister announces • Width restriction: church pews lose their position, to make way for the 'human form of today' • Sheffield Cathedral Dean criticises his own choir, saying the quality of singing is ‘not thrilling’ • Archaeologist claims 3,000-year-old clay heads depict Yahweh – but other experts say it would be prohibited to create such images • U.S. urges Pakistan to act after American charged with blasphemy shot in court • Catholics fear hate crime law will criminalise the Bible

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