Don’t wall yourself off, Cross Encounters, 28. May 2017

Christians are founded on Christ. They are living stones being built up as a spiritual house to proclaim God’s light and mercy.

The best of things in the worst of times, The Lutheran Hour, 28. May 2017

When all things sacred are being demolished or profaned, where will you stand? Pastor Ken Klaus tells the stories of people who, with God’s help, did the best of things in the worst of times.

Isaiah Chapter 53 - Part 4, Redeemer Theological Academy, 26. May 2017

In this lecture we continue our discussion on chapter 53.

Preaching Resurrection, Faith That Functions, 24. May 2017

Just as St. Paul did, we proclaim the resurrection as if it were the one doctrine upon which our faith stands or falls. Only in raising Jesus to life again does God give us the power to rise, not just for all eternity, but to strengthen us for our daily living, as this very raising is fulfilled, in part, in the sacrament of holy baptism. We are made new in Christ.

Titus 2, Love Letters, 23. May 2017

Paul charges Titus to carry out his ministry focusing on teaching sound doctrine. There is a prevailing notion that the church needs to adapt her teachings and practices to what is commonly held as acceptable. Teaching what accords with sound doctrine is as big a task today as it was in Paul's time.

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