Leaks need fixing just as life needs to be lived, Cross Encounters

While we would like to control things so that problems, hassles, and suffering are avoided, life is not like that. A lot of living is responding to what is happening and for Christians, they do so never alone, for Jesus is with them.

Room at the table, The Lutheran Hour

Open doors and loud tables are places where God does His quiet work of changing lives, one dinner invitation at a time.

Lutheran Radio News

• China and Vatican prepare to renew historic deal that allows Chinese Communist Party to appoint Catholic bishops • Thy will be done: Alexa, read me the prayer book • Discord takes a ‘toxic’ turn at Westminster Cathedral’s renowned choir school • 'Jesus of Siberia' arrested in Russian security services raid

Series A, 17th Sunday after Pentecost, Worth Doing Badly

“By what authority are you doing these things…?” Understanding Jesus' authority in our lives is crucial especially when we ask why continuing to follow Jesus makes sense.

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