Cross in the garden, The Lutheran Hour

How valuable is a handful of mud? Hear how the muddy water of an Asian rice paddy teaches us about the flow of life and of God’s love for you, in Christ. Dr. Michael Zeigler says the God Who made the earth is also the God Who gets down into the mud with us, to lift us up out of it.

Lutheran Radio News

• Notre-Dame blaze: Main structure and towers of iconic cathedral 'saved' after spire and roof collapse • The Holy Stairs Jesus climbed before being sentenced to crucifixion are unveiled after 300 years • Devoutly Christian secondary school assistant is sacked after posting petition against transgender issues being taught at her son's CofE school • Louisiana sheriff deputy's son accused of burning down three black churches is denied bail while prosecutors add hate crime charges against him • Scottish Christian church claims Koran is satanic lie from a false religion • Americans lose their taste for going to church

Cyril of Alexandria on the Unity of Christ - Part 4, Redeemer Theological Academy

In this lecture we continue our discussion on Christology in light of St. Cyril’s text On the Unity of Christ. The Nestorians liked to say that Jesus is the Son of God “insofar as” he was conjoined with the Natural Son of God who dwelt within him. Cyril confessed that Jesus is the Son of God. For Cyril, is means is.

The Kingdom of God, The Lutheran Inquisitor

By exploring Christ’s teachings we come to understand the Kingdom of God: not merely a dream for our future, but as a feasible reality here on earth due to be shared in the fellowship of the Church. It is, in fact, by effect of God’s gift of Reconciliation that all of us sinners are embraced in His full Love and forgiveness. Likewise, we are called to proclaim this and share it equally and actively to others. Interview with Dr. Sigurd Grindheim, professor of New Testament at theological institutions in Ethiopia, Norway, and the United States. Dr Grindheim is the author of The Crux of Election, God’s Equal, Christology in the Synoptic Gospels, Introducing Biblical Theology, and a number of articles in leading scholarly journals.

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