Alarms!, Cross Encounters

Alarms are meant to be noticed. Yet they can be ignored. At Pentecost and from then on the Holy Spirit has been active focusing people on Jesus. Will the world hear?

Jesus doesn’t babble, The Lutheran Hour

Christ’s Word of peace to those who have grown weary of words.

Lutheran Radio News

• Pandemic prompts surge in interest in prayer, Google data show • Church of England bishops accuse Boris Johnson of jeopardising public trust • Church of Scotland faces job losses and mission cuts • An Unexpected Visit, a personal reflection on the end of the war 75 years ago

Learning to say hallelujah, Redeemer Theological Academy

Christ is risen! He is read indeed! Alleluia! Or is it Hallelujah? Whether there is an “H” or an “A,” the key is to proclaim the works of the LORD. Specifically, we take great comfort in knowing that Christ has been put to death for our transgression and raised to life for our justification. In this great act of salvation we rejoice!

Series A, The Day of Pentecost, Worth Doing Badly

Numbers 11:24–30; Psalm 25:1–15; Acts 2:1–21; John 7:37–39 The truth of faith rolls out slowly as it takes hold by in-forming and in-structuring the human soul. The Spirit works from the inside out, so that His work is neither recognised nor appreciated by those who are overly impressed by the outward things that can be managed, monetised and manipulated. The Spirit’s moves freely like the wind, which cannot be controlled. This is the freedom the Spirit imparts to us by in-forming and in-structuring us in the truth that hydrates our souls, freeing us from the tyrannical demands of our selfish ego.

Pastoral education, The Lutheran Inquisitor

Interview with Dr. Christoph Barnbrock, Lecturer of Practical Theology at the Lutheran Theological University in Oberursel, Germany.

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