Exsurge Domine, The Lutheran Inquisitor

Celebrating the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's burning the Papal bull. Two-part interview with Dr. Robert Kolb Dr. Kolb is professor emeritus of Systematic Theology at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri.

About the future, Cross Encounters

Whatever the future is – and it comprises the predictable and the unpredictable – the followers of Jesus know what they need to do – serve and love their neighbours.

Magnum Opus, The Lutheran Hour

If God were a band director, what part would you play in His great symphony? Dr. Michael Zeigler invites you to hear more about God’s “Magnum Opus.”

Lutheran Radio News

• Childhood home of Jesus ‘found’ by British archaeologist in Nazareth under ruins of convent • Palestinians may limit Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem • Bishop threatens to quit Church of England over relaxing of teachings on LGBT relationships • Cardinal Nichols criticised for question-blocking during apology to abuse victims • Ancient gospel stolen by soldiers returns to Greece after 100 years

Series B, 1st Sunday in Advent, Worth Doing Badly

The church’s calendar is anchored in the incarnation and resurrection of Jesus Christ and slowly trains us over time to experience time with eager anticipation rather than anxious despair.

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