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Monday - The Lutheran Inquisitor

A quest for answers to pressing issues and their ramifications for the Church today

Tuesday – Love Letters

Series of Bible studies on the epistles with Pastor Arno Bessel

Wednesday - Faith that Functions

In depth look at the Word of God with Pastor Gordon Naumann

Thursday - Songs of Hope

Reflections on the Psalms with Denise Seaman

Friday - Redeemer Theological Academy

Confessing Christ to an unbelieving world

Saturday - Straight Answers to Awkward Questions

Pastor George Samiec searches the Bible to address challenging issues and provide answers to those intriguing questions our listeners always wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Sunday - Sunday Cantata

Pastor Tapani Simojoki introduces a cantata written by Bach for each Sunday of the church year

Philippians 4:2-23, Love Letters, 06. Dec 2016

In this study of Paul’s letter Pastor Arno talks about rejoicing in the Lord. He tells us what to do when we are anxious, how to be content in any situation and that we can do everything through Him who strengthens us.

The Advent of Christ according to Isaiah, Part 2: Isaiah 11:1-10, The Lutheran Inquisitor, 05. Dec 2016

This week Dr. Bartelt discusses a passage that may “stump” many. He gets to the “root” of kingship in Israel and how the Messiah recreates paradise for people from all nations who find their rest in David’s greater Son.

Jesus the Greatest, Cross Encounters, 04. Dec 2016

If you are looking for the greatest, look no further than Jesus

Wait until He comes!, The Lutheran Hour, 04. Dec 2016

We all feel a tension between the way life is and the way it’s supposed to be. Pastor Gregory Seltz says Christmas points to a new day of restoration that is and will be.

Lutheran Radio News, 02. Dec 2016

• Norway's state Lutheran Church has condemned the anti-Jewish legacy of Martin Luther • Religious freedoms in everyday life are being eroded in modern Britain, a new report warns • China's most senior Catholic has blasted the Pope for a potential rapprochement between the Vatican and Beijing comparing it to striking a deal with Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin • A reverend known for displaying eye-catching slogans outside his church is facing legal action because the council has classed it as advertising • A good prayer can feel as titillating as sex, a new report on brain reward circuits claims

The Gospel According to St. Isaiah Chapter 47 and 48, Redeemer Theological Academy, 02. Dec 2016

In this lecture we finish our discussion on chapter 47 and begin our discussion on chapter 48.

Keep your eyes on Jesus. God has not hidden His face from us., Songs Of Hope, 01. Dec 2016

At the beginning of a new Church Year we are reminded that Christ is surely coming just as He promised. He is not coming for the prideful, haughty or pompous but for the sinful, downtrodden, miserable and broken. He is coming for you.

Martin Luther's Insights
Graham Tomlin
95 Antitheses, from Reformation to transformation
Boris Gunjevic
Reformation Mission
Gregory Seltz
Martin Luther, Confessor of God's Enduring Word
Robert Kolb
Psalm 80Luke 1:1-4, 3:1-14
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